We're a family with passion for the outdoors. We especially love winter and all of the amazing things it brings, including skiing! Ski, ski, ski...we race, coach, and play in the pow.

I coached mighty-mights for years.Those face-licking, snot flying, little rippers would forget that they were cold. To the point where their cute little faces would turn rosy. As a fearful coach of frost bite, I introduced fleece neckies with prints that spoke to those little tykes. Dogs, cats, flowers, and bumble bees, polka- dots, stars, and tyedye fireworks. I listened to their favorites and gave them it all! Eventually I started to get complements from moms, teens, lifties, ski bums, and even my kids...score! I thought, hey i'm on to something. I started to sell them at ski-hill gift shops and recieved great responses! Now we're here and here we are!

We like to keep our faces and necks covered to beat the cold, but still appreciate a piece that is our own and oozes personality and flare!

Peace is...being uniquely you and allowing yourself to do what you love for as long as you desire. Yeah, you! You're hot stuff inside and out! Find your "Peace" at our online store or contact us for special requests!