It has been said that 'peace' is rooted in honoring individuality. We really like that idea. It's a philosophy we try to live by. Making one-of-a-kind Peace is products is our way of sharing that philosophy with you.

 Peace is is a family run business born in the Sierra Nevada of northern California. We try to use all new recycled materials as often as possible. We piece our one-of-a-kind neck gaiter faces out of perfectly useful and beautiful textile waste when available. We use all new factory Polartec recycled fleece for our lining. It's toasty and wicks away moisture just like your most high tech outdoor gear. Each one is a unique "work of art" that's ready to take on the great outdoors, just like you!

We are a family with passion for the outdoors. We especially love winter and all of the amazing things it brings, including skiing! Ski, ski, ski...we race, coach, spectate, play in the pow & explore the back country. Keeping warm is rarely a concern as we've all come to love wearing neck gaiters. We love them so much that they've become a 4-season necessity. 

 Whether it's skiing, biking, fishing, hiking, snowmobiling, getting out of a frigid alpine lake (post water-sports), a not so tropical session in the Pacific (getting worked-aka "surfing") or sitting in a chilly lecture hall, a Peace is fleece lined neck gaiter offers instant cozy all year long. 

The one-of-a-kind "work of art" aspect of Peace is was born on the ski hill during my years of coaching mighty-mites. Those face-licking, snot flying, little rippers would forget they were cold. As a coach fearful of frost bite, I introduced one-of-a-kind fleece lined neck gaiters to my crew each year. Back then I used prints that spoke to those little tykes; dogs, cats, flowers, bumble bees, polka-dots, stars, tie-dye & fireworks. I listened to their favorites and gave them it all! I tried to make each one a little different to honor the individuality of the child. 

Nowadays, we're making them a little more sophisticated, but definitely not too serious... We just try to keep them kind of hip & fun. Why? Because eventually, all those Mighty-mites grew up. They became sorta mighty mature. They started doing big kid stuff like exploring the globe, professional athletics, higher education or entered the workforce. They took their one-of-a-kind Peace is neck gaiters with them!  Off they went to the back country, college, the southern hemisphere, Europe, FIS World Cups & even the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang,Korea. Needless to say, it's been a blast to be along for the ride!

Well, that's who we are. We look forward to meeting you and helping you find your piece at our online store or contact us for special requests! If you would like to see Peace is at a retailer near you, please have them contact us at, on Instagram @  _peace_is   or   

Warm fuzzy vibes to you all, 

Peace is